Due to technical issues this site will remain available as a ‘read only’ page (you will not be able to log in and submit samples online).
If you are already registered as a scout, please continue to send your blight samples, along with the paper form to James Hutton in the envelope provided without a reference number.
Hutton will log the sample online for you. Please include your email address on the paper form with your sample.
If you are not a registered scout, please contact Hutton at fab@hutton.ac.uk for further assistance.

The Fight Against Blight page will continue to be updated with incidence and genotypes for you to view. We are working on fixing the issue and getting the site back online as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
Any queries, please contact fab@hutton.ac.uk or Kathryn.hales@ahdb.org.uk

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