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If you are already registered as a scout, please continue to send your blight samples, along with the paper form to James Hutton in the envelope provided without a reference number.
Hutton will log the sample online for you. Please include your email address on the paper form with your sample.
If you are not a registered scout, please contact Hutton at fab@hutton.ac.uk for further assistance.

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Blight Report & Incident Summary

Late blight, caused by the pathogen Phytophthora Infestans, remains the single most important disease for the British potato trade. Spreading quickly in the foliage, a typical blight pressure season can cost the industry approximately £55 million a year in a business as usual scenario. With such a significant impact on the industry, it’s important to respond quickly and raise awareness of the risk associated with its changing strains.

As a part of the research into blight populations, the AHDB Potatoes Fight against Blight service has been reporting blight alerts for the past 10 years.

Fill out the fields below to see a report summary of areas affected in the UK. Changing the date range will allow you to see when blight was reported across the season, the 'End Date' chooses the weather to display.

Date sampled Source Scale Variety Location Status Incident ID
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Wind Speed (kph) Wind Direction Relative Humidity (%) Rainfall (mm) Leaf Wetness Air Temperature (C) Incident ID Date sampled Source Scale Variety Genotype Location Status Commercial Crops More Details

This information is collected on a voluntary basis by our team of Blight Scouts drawn from members of the industry who are routinely walking potato fields during the season. The weather data is exclusively sourced from Agrii’s Metquest weather stations for AHDB’s Fight Against Blight campaign

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